UPDATE: Lawsuits in Progress

That’s right folks, both the Attorney General from the state of Washington and Amazon have filed lawsuits against FBA Stores, LLC:



I quote:

The Bowsers do not and cannot deliver on their false promises because they have no special information about Amazon and no way to offer consumers any advantage as Amazon sellers; worse yet, the Bowsers actively mislead consumers about Amazon’s systems and what is permissible under Amazon’s selling policies. When the Bowsers’ victims realize they have been duped (as many eventually do), the Bowsers refuse to return those victims’ money.

Although I’m not sure if the Washington Attorney General will be able to help those outside of their state, I would encourage you to file a complaint with your local state AG office.

Amazon also has established a hotline for sellers with complaints about “FBA Stores”: +1 206-676-7071

I have also become aware of a lawyer who is familiar with FBA Stores and is willing to represent clients with claims against them. Please contact me for more information.

I sincerely hope that everyone across the world who has been negatively impacted by this group finds resolution and restitution with this. I suppose we’ve all learned our lessons about wisely investing our resources.

Whatever justice is served at the end of the day, please remember to learn the lesson here in forgiveness. Money comes, money goes, struggles are real and life goes on. The chance to witness such crime first-hand is rare; those who can survive and forgive despite the injury are still rarer gems.





4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Lawsuits in Progress

  1. We stupidly and naively bought into FBA Stores in November 2016 after spending a weekend at the seminar in Denver Colorado. The hype of belonging to the primary seller of Amazon was enticing. The $1000 worth of product was a factor that I thought would help us retrieve part of our $6500 investment, but all we ever received was fraudulent fake products that we couldn’t sell. We were threatened by Amazon and by the manufacturer of the product for listing ‘fake’ products on Amazon. The product was returned to FBA Stores and they promised (right up until last month!) that they would replace them.
    I am totally embarrassed that we could be duped so easily by these people. It was a very expensive lesson for us!
    I hope Amazon has shut them down and I hope the Colorado AG’s office goes after them.

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  2. Here is copy of an email which some coaches sent to their students after the lockdown:
    Hi Students,

    Now that I’ve gotten the go ahead from the authorities, I’d like to let everyone know what’s been going on with FBA Stores.

    On Friday of last week, FBA Stores, FBA Distributors, and AWS were sued by the FTC with an injunction attached and placed into temporary conservatorship with Robb Evans and Associates. All business has been suspended pending the outcome of a hearing scheduled for next week. I expand in further detail below.

    Sued by the FTC with Injunction-

    FBA Stores, FBA Distributors and AWS have all been temporarily shut down with an injunction by the FTC filed in federal court. There is a hearing next week, in Las Vegas, where a judge will decide if they should be allowed to reopen. There is a strong chance that this injunction hearing will be postponed.

    Until this hearing can happen, ALL business with all FBA Stores’ related entities has been stopped. Do not travel to summits/ mentorships/ “Master Minds”/ whatever, do not schedule coaching, do not pay any bills or debts that you may have with FBA Stores and do not expect any payments from them. Nobody is allowed into the offices, so nobody will be answering any emails or phone calls.


    Temporary Conservatorship with Robb Dunn and Associates-

    If FBA Stores wins the injunction hearing, they will be in contact about continuing any business relationship with you.

    If they lose, Robb Dunn and Associates, the temporary conservator, will remain as conservator and be in touch with the next steps. Brick Kane, the President of Robb Dunn and Associates was on the phone with me today and said that all of the information related to the injunction, the lawsuit and most importantly the next steps can be found on their website as soon as Thursday.


    Under that page, enter in “AWS” to find the case related materials.

    He mentioned that everyone should try to go through this website to gain the information they need. The more phone calls, written letters, etc that Robb Dunn and Associates has to deal with, the less there will be to recover in the event FBA Stores remains shut down.

    Business Suspended-

    As a matter of precaution, I strongly suggest that you begin to retain your own representation in case you need to pursue additional legal options in the future.

    I also strongly suggest you begin to track down all receipts, contracts and payment information (credit card statements, cashier’s check receipts, etc) that shows any payments you’ve made to FBA Stores or to any entity related to FBA Stores, so that if the time comes to make a claim you’ll have the information and proof you need to do so.

    This includes documentation for any product that you may have sent to FBA Adam. If the product isn’t at your Amazon store or at your vendor, it is most likely there at the warehouse and will remain there until the conservatorship can get the go ahead to deal with it. You will need proof to claim that product as your own, so please make sure you have the documentation available.

    Please note that IF any option of recompense becomes available in the future, it will be a long time before that is available. I wasn’t told a time frame but carefully warned by Mr. Kane that patience will be needed. Continue to check their website for updates on the case and your next steps.

    Lastly, as of matter of legality, my relationship to you as your coach for FBA Stores, ended as of Friday of last week.

    However, I still want to be a resource for you and your Amazon businesses going forward. How this relationship will look I am not entirely certain- I would (and do) feel terrible charging you for coaching that you’ve already paid for but at the same time can not work for free. So I’ve decided that we’ll play it by ear and on a case by case basis. Do not hesitate to contact me for coaching if you need it.

    Additionally, I’ve added every email for every student that I can find and left them open so my students can communicate with each other. Coaches, I’ve CCd who I know. Please forward this to your students and to any coaches you know.

    FBA Stores did not keep the best records so please forward this email to everyone you know who could be affected by these recent events.


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