Never Surrender

I wanted to forget. I listened and was tempted to buy in because I wanted to believe, but in the end I was unconvinced. It turns out my gut feeling served me well. As an independent blogger struggling with health issues, it bothers me deeply to continue receiving email from readers containing ever more negative stories regarding FBA Stores, Adam Bowser, and his related properties.

Let me clarify: I really appreciate the emails, and am incredibly sympathetic toward everyone’s challenges. I apologize for not being able to respond personally to each situation though I will do my best to take a closer look and offer feedback as my health allows.

For now, the biggest lesson of this experience is that it is much much better to have a legal assistance before it is needed than to scramble around catching up. Whether you found this site seeking to resolve your current issue with FBA Stores or are considering investing in this enterprise (spoiler: don’t do it), I would direct your attention to Legal Shield as an excellent tool for both resolving and preventing expensive disasters.

The Price of Wisdom

If only we had known, there could have been a lot of time, money, and heartache saved. Half the point of this site is to warn those considering handing over cash to Adam Bowser by letting them know what to expect. I was advised by my attorney that I would be safe as long as I carefully reported only the truth, and I pay very close attention to make sure everything that I say is my actual experience.

Which brings me to an issue: because I can’t personally verify your stories emailed in, I don’t feel comfortable posting them here. However, the beauty of WordPress is that you are more than welcome to leave a comment with your story for viewers to read. I highly encourage sharing what you are comfortable with to help others decide how to spend their precious resources.  If you don’t have an account for this platform, I just made a page on Facebook to gather more testimony there as well.

Since FBA Stores isn’t done touring their circus around and running off with people’s retirements, I’m going to share some thoughts about the biggest problem I’ve been contacted about, and what can be done about it: How to Get your Money Back. I’ll do the best that I can to outline a process, but the truth is everyone’s situation is different and there are a wide variety of factors that influence the outcome. The most important thing to do is share your experience so that your hard earned wisdom is not lost.

There is a real 1-sentence answer: Ask a Lawyer. In this struggle, Legal Shield has risen to the top as the most affordable and effective solution for me.

Ignorance is Expensive

Let’s face it – we bought into FBA Stores training because we didn’t know. They did a good job presenting themselves, their product, and their offer. Unfortunately behind the façade experiences diverge. What you will be able to recover will depend on your behavior and attention to detail from the start, and the effort you’re willing and able to put in from here on out.

I wasn’t able to get my money back from the in-person training, but I also didn’t even bother to try because I didn’t feel I had a good argument for it. I attended the sessions, they delivered what they said they would – there was no basis in my case for a refund. However, in the follow-up their salesman went beyond his authority and sold me a package he wasn’t allowed to. When it became clear FBA Stores had no intention of delivering what I (thought I had) bought, I knew I had to speak up or kiss my investment goodbye.

FBA Stores Contracts
Identify the breach, or ask a professional for help

Business, at the end of the day, is run by people. This means that any “business problem” there is to be solved is ultimately being held up by one person’s attention or lack thereof. In the US, businesses operate through Contract Law, which basically says that you are bound to anything written on an agreement that you sign. I’ve gotten complaints about Adam’s FBA Amazon Profits Workshop from the UK now too, and I assume they have a similar system as well. It’s important to know the rules of the field so to speak, because what you need to do is convince these people that you will not rest until justice has been delivered.

Here’s the catch: our resources are limited and precious. They (FBA Stores) have millions of dollars at their disposal, not to mention the however many thousands of ours in their grip now as well. This means that if you are not truly correct, you really aren’t going to win. Another way to say this is you only get your money back if you deserve it back. Never surrender if you’re right, but don’t even bother if you’re not. The legal basis for returning your money is a breach of contract, so this will be the topic of our discussion.

Let’s make a Lawsuit

I am not a lawyer, and nothing I say should be constituted as legal advice. When FBA Stores came to stop me from sharing my story with friends, neighbors, and the world, I knew I needed a lawyer. Of course I first turned to family friends, but they were limited in their abilities to help me based on their specialties in the law. Further, I could only ask for so much for free.

My next thought was to use the public facing e-mail contact forms for all the local firms in my area and solicit bids for assistance. This would raise some awareness of my plight, but as personal one-on-one time with legal professionals is notoriously expensive, I decided against this strategy. Next in line were some free counseling services provided by local agencies to help entrepreneurs, but I was unable to squeeze into their limited pro bono schedules. Eventually I remembered a program a co-worker had brought up to me a year or more ago: Legal Shield.

It’s not a pre-paid legal services deal in that you can get much, much more value from the amount that you pay. It’s more like legal insurance: you pay $15 monthly to have a lawyer on-call for any questions you may have. If you’ve lost more than a few hundred dollars to FBA Stores I would highly suggest giving this service a try. It will allow you to ask unlimited questions about your case to a local law firm who’ll even help if you need to file a lawsuit! And once you’ve asked all the legal questions your heart desires you’re free to cancel at any time.

I called Legal Shield up and asked some questions about the possibility of suing. They said it may be possible depending on the breach of contract, but every situation should be looked at closely by an attorney. And if you send over your contract, they will review it and offer suggestions on how to proceed. I was told that filing a lawsuit in a circuit court typically requires a retainer of $5,000 – $10,000, so to those who are experiencing significant financial damages because of Fulfillment by Adam, I would seriously suggest considering pursuing the issue further.

There is a fine line between a plainly poor product and a breach of contract. This is what a lawyer can help you determine. More importantly, legal professionals put the weight of their reputation and knowledge behind their suggestions. In this world where we are ultimately and solely accountable to our own actions, lawyers make a profession out of lending us their accountability and wisdom. For this we pay an extremely high price. Now thanks to the leveling power of the internet, you too can talk to a lawyer and get real answers for less than the price of a book on the subject:

Check out Legal Shield Here (You’ll get a bunch of neat stuff with your sub too!)

Having used it to resolve my pressing issues regarding this case, I was pleased to find out they have an attractive affiliate program as well. If the service helps resolve your problem, consider building a team to market this product as well. My next project is on this subject [link forthcoming].

Preparing to Fight

Here’s the battle plan:

  1. Get documents in order
  2. File complaints
  3. Persist to satisfaction
  4. Move on

Sound good? We line up the facts, express our concern to people who may be concerned, and stick on the problem until it is solved. Then we celebrate a bit and move on!

I don’t personally keep a journal, but do use the calendar in my phone as a record of important phone calls and appointments. Having an accurate accounting of the series of events leading up to the current situation is a definite benefit. When did you first hear about the seminar? What day were the contracts signed? When did you decide to ask for a refund? How many days has it been since the last time they contacted you? Who have you talked to?

If you can’t recreate a perfect timeline of what has already happened, just do your best to remember what you can and start paying more attention now.  I suggest using a spreadsheet (Excel, GSheets) or at least a notebook to list significant dates and interactions. First we want to know the order of things happening, then we want to see all the agreements (promises) on the table. Finally we can ask how things went sour and why it hasn’t been resolved yet. Review your contract and make clear the details where violations occurred and resolutions have not (this is a good place to rely on the advice of a legal professional).

To have found this site means you must already be experiencing a measure of frustration with the process and the people already. Having put your timeline in order, let’s voice your concern in a reasonable, factual, and productive manner.

FBA Stores came to your city with promises, took your money, and delivered something different. This is not ok, and you can do something about it: use your timeline to write a few paragraphs summarizing your situation, copy-paste it into web forms and sprinkle in details you think might be relevant.

Who ya gonna call?

The first call is to your Lawyer. If you don’t have one, get one here: real, affordable, local representation. The next calls are to the agencies who are interested in cases like ours. Here’s an idea of what some look for:

Federal Bureau of Investigation –

Members of the public can report violations of law (i.e. breaking a contract) and criminal activities. The FBI is concerned with violations of law across state boarders, i.e. if you have a case against the Amazon Profits Workshop circus please bring it to their attention. Read my complaint here for inspiration: FBA Stores FBI Complaint

Attorney General –

The Attorney General is your state’s chief law enforcement officer and legal advisor. They are interested in scams being perpetrated in their state. Your state attorney general should have a contact form on their .gov website.

Federal Trade Commission –

The FTC would like to help consumer detect patterns of fraud and abuse in the marketplace. If you have had an unfortunate experience with a company because of this, the FTC provides a claim form with an assistant to categorize your complaint.

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) –

What FBA Stores is doing saddens me, and I would like to believe that letting our officials know about such activities will eventually lead to enough red flags being raised for action to occur. Beyond this, there are other public media channels that are available to you to help steer others clear from making unpleasant investments:

Consumer Advisory sites –   –

I clearly remember the Amazon Success Workshop presenter scoffing at these type of sites because they force you to pay to be included in their rankings. Don’t bother looking at them! (Note to self: this advice is a RED FLAG) My goal with this site is to convince whoever might be find it to save themselves from being sorely disappointed by FBA Stores, or find recourse for those who have already been harmed. Consumer advocacy organizations are large groups with similar goals, and are our friends.

With your story already written out, it’s both easy and useful to share it at these publicly visible sites. Why would a satisfied customer go through multiple channels to voices their complaint? Imagine that… well, unfortunately you probably don’t have to. Let us raise a tide of red flags to get this to stop.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

We all have influence, and to the degree that we are able we should warn others around us of danger. Why would we not? Don’t be afraid to use your social media platforms to share your experience. Realize, however, that all that you post reflects who you are. Be careful about your being. Posting a link to this site, or your comment left here whenever you interact with these people is a simple way to sprinkle it in. Please join me on Facebook to raise more awareness and gather more testimony so that future issues can be avoided and resolved!

Word of Mouth

In a similar vein, be careful about the beings near and dear to you. Nothing is more important than our family and friends whom we interact with day to day or from time to time. Please speak up about your experience if you find yourself with a fellow who might be considering an investment of this type. Remember your own enthusiasm and practicality when you were investing in FBA Stores and speak to the outcome of the episode. Recommend accurate record keeping and extreme attention to detail if nothing less. or other blogging platforms

You are more than welcome to literally copy the entire format and structure of this website for free. Nothing’s stopping you from this. Don’t steal my story (now I know a lawyer who can help me sue!), but replace my story with yours and you’ll have your very own personal brochure and testimony for a solid product that you can honestly get behind. Plus you’ll be creating useful content for people to find and learn from to avoid costly mistakes. Even better, Forget FBA Stores altogether and blog about the things you Love.

Ready to move on and make money? Join the Legal Shield associates program today and you’ll be connected with a local team of movers and shakers in your area ready to help you launch!


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