If you’re thinking of going to the Amazon Profits Workshop or Seminar, stop. Save your precious time and money.  Do not work with Adam Bowser or any of his related names.

If FBA Stores has already taken your money and has failed to deliver, please leave a comment here and file a complaint at

I offered this letter: FBA Stores FBI Complaint

Seriously, to me this looks like a simple case of nationwide fraud which the FBI should be able to uncover easily if everyone who has been affected speaks up and tells their story. The truth will speak for itself. Going from town to town taking peoples money with the promise of big returns is nothing new.

Case in point: I spent hours making this site instead of managing the Amazon store I bought from Fulfillment By Adam. His friend Al Schwietzer approached me trying to resolve the issue by buying my silence, and I really considered his offer which is why the site has been private for the past few weeks. His ploy to stall me worked, but only just. I know I’m not the only one who has been harmed by Adam Bowser and his accomplices.

It is clear to me now that his intentions are not aligned with mine. He has proven to fit right in with an organization that makes big promises, delivers stupid technicalities, and runs away to the bank with your life savings.  Not good. Business will only succeed with good people, and it appears Adam Bowser has surrounded himself with quite the opposite.

For your interest, the current state of negotiations is presented below. I left a message yesterday (3/24/17), but I guess he was too busy partying all week follow up. Well, have my decision Al.

From: Al Schweitzer
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2017 10:06 AM
To: Tijay Syn-Rodrigues
Subject: RE: Non-Disparagement Agreement


I’m still at our Summit event in Las Vegas, as I hadnt planed on attending at all, really messed with my schedule. I will do my best to get with you tomorrow.



On Mar 17, 2017 10:38 AM, “Tijay Syn-Rodrigues” <> wrote:

Hi Al,

On the phone I heard that we agreed that you would work with your legal team to create a contract that was agreeable to us both. I wrote what I wanted, and I still want these things. Perhaps you should have read what I sent before you forwarded it to Legal.

Now you have not responded with a contract, rather an ultimatum demanding your original agreement be signed as written. This is very, very distasteful. Mahalo for trying to sour my day, I hope this is an adequate response. I’ve only ever driven by, but Nevada seems like a very beautiful place in its own right if you care to see it.

I’ve included an edit closer to your original draft, but I maintain that I will not give up my right to speak my peace, good or bad, in private. If you don’t want disparaging statements made about you, don’t do things like let salesmen make bad promises and only follow up with the complaint because I made my voice public. Don’t make an idiotic demand to sign an agreement that doesn’t even have the terms we agreed on in it, even less my name spelled correctly. Well, I guess you are exactly the kind of person who has just done this kind of thing. How disparaging is this?

I have no desire to “disparage” you, neither a desire to have my right to free speech in private curtailed. I want this to work, but the people involved keep doing these wacky unexpected things like vanish as soon as they complete their transaction with me. I bet you’re starting to see the light already too.

Your company guaranteed to work with me until I earned back my investment. Instead you returned my money and are now telling me to shut up by effectively buying me out. I don’t like it at all, but I want golden coins and this seems to be a good way for it. If you can trust that I won’t defame you in private, perhaps I can trust you to deliver the product that you people sold me the first place.

Honestly though I’d rather a partner who admits their error and would double down on their generosity because they are confident in their ability to earn a positive review instead of complain that I’m being unreasonable because I need more assurance that I’m not wasting my time.  Whatever. You’ve got how much ghost money to find instead of reading this, right Al?

Finally, I insist that any complaints be handled personally if possible and then through professional mediation if necessary before approaching any court. I’m sure I have as much desire to stand before a judge for this as you have for our lovely conversations to end.

I have attached a signed copy of the agreement I am willing to make with you. Please complete our interaction with this.



From: Al Schweitzer
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 12:17 AM
To: Tijay Brown
Subject: Non-Disparagement Agreement

Good Morning Tijay,

Hope all is well, then again, how could it not be, you are living in paradise.

Upon receipt of your written desired changes to the Non-Disparagement Agreement, I immediately forwarded your desires to the legal department.

I am somewhat surprised and disappointed, in that in our most recent conversation, the only item that was discussed, was your concern that the Agreement as written would prevent you from having a simple conversation, with say, a life long friend, and in that conversation, the Agreement would prevent you from telling your friend that you had a negative experience with FBA. It was your feeling that you couldn’t live with this, as it would be too easy to “slip” and therefore violate the Agreement. I assured that it wasn’t our intention to prevent you from having personal and private conversations with your life long social circle, but to obtain your commitment that you wouldn’t intentionally disparage FBA either privately, and more so publicly; or to create situation where you have an associate do the disparaging for you, hence the total removal of the word press website.

I left the above conversation believing we had resolved your issues, as well as those of FBA, and was looking forward to witnessing the growth of your entrepreneurial endeavor?

Let me assure you that the Non-Disparagement Agreement drafted for you, is considered within the “norms”.

It should be no surprise to you, that with me believing we had resolved the situation and were prepared to move forward, based on our verbal agreements, imagine my disappointment in reviewing your modifications that go far and away from anything we discussed , either in our most recent conversation, and or in previous ones, in that as written, you want the ability to disparage FBA privately to anyone you want-including anyone at FBA events, or the ability to tell a friend to put up a website that disparages FBA. This is not acceptable. What we negotiated for is No Disparagement, period. That includes private conversations. This is the nor. It appears you want loopholes.

Further, you want to keep your disparaging website up, but not allow public access?

What would be the point, other than to disparage us privately?

Also requested was the ability to write an “honest review”.

In addition, you’ve also requested a timeline and details of what FBA would be delivering. The details have been provided to you, and the timeline is based on your progress, more so than ours.

Request for financial relief if FBA fails to deliver? FBA long ago refunded your total investment, and even after doing so, I contacted you to see how we might meet your expectations and create a successful experience for you. It was you your self who admitted you invested the $3,000 for the training, because the sales consultant mistaken offered you services that we only provide for those that invest at a significantly higher level, approximately 10 times your investment. It was you that recognized the value of what he mistakenly offered you, and after accepting his offer, the majority of your dissatisfaction was a result of your expecting these advance services, and in fact they weren’t being provided to you, even though you admitted to me, you recognized that this was probably an error.

Once again, you re asking for “Additional Bonus Product” something that was denied some weeks ago.

Unfortunately, per the legal department, your proposed changes are far from the terms and conditions you and I agreed to move forward with, as well as far from the norm in a Non-Disparagement Agreement.

I have been very clear in describing precisely what “services” Chris and Adam are prepared to provide you with, in an effort to help you succeed in your online business. The services that they proposed to offer you, are only available to those students that invest a significant amount of money, so we both know the value of what you potentially are to receive from FBA. Chris and Adam have been extremely generous in their proposal, offering to provide you with numerous tools to help in your success.

I have been directed at this point, to once again reiterate FBA’s offer to you,  provided you agree to, and execute the Non-Disparagement Agreement as it is written.

That being said, I can allow you till close of business Friday, March 17, 2017 in which to make a final decision. If you decide not to accept FBA’s offer, I will be required to forward the situation to the legal department.

It is my belief, based on your situation and goals  that you shared with me, this represents a tremendous business opportunity for you. It is my hope that you’ll understand FBA’s position, and that we can all move forward from here.

I’ll await your decision.

Best regards,

Al Schweitzer

The revised agreement sent: FBA _ RODRIGUES AGREEMENT final- TJ edits 3.17.17

After contemplating the model for a few weeks I realized that this entire model has a major flaw even if it might produce a tidy profit: to be making money you will always need to be shipping something. Is there a better way? Why, yes their is: selling intellectual property. Once its digital, making copies is essentially free and limitless.

Here’s the deal: this whole situation has led me to seek prepaid legal services for any future issues of this type, and it turns out the one I’m looking at uses a nationwide network of local firms and has an interesting opportunity for their new affiliates. I’m making a plan to give it an honest try, because why not. FBA Stores had their chance.

If you’re interested in trying a new hussle in your area, please get in touch with me!


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