Letting go

Al Schweitzer convinced me to take the site down by saying that FBA Stores will give me the “diamond” level Fulfillment by Adam warehousing club membership. All I’ll need to do is sign a contract saying I can’t write an honest review about them publicly again. Ok, send me the paperwork.

But seriously, this is the second time. Can I please ask for some class? You aren’t showing me any faith that you will fulfill your side of the bargain by asking for this. After all, this “deal” is effectively what your salesman sold me in the first place. I said yes once, and here I am saying yes again. Will you deliver? I really thought so the first time, pardon me if this feels familiar. Oh but now you’ll be sure to sue my ass in a heartbeat if I make a sound.

Great, let’s celebrate!

As a sign of good faith I’ve made the site private until the ink dries. For invited eyes only.


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