The Divine Feminine

Adam Bowser called me up an asked me to take the site down. Actually, that’s not quite right: if I do nothing, the next step is Legal Action, that is, taking me to court.

Hold on, still not quite: Al Schweitzer, a faithful employee of over a month, was paid by Adam Bowser to tell me these things.  Maybe we could come to a deal. He reads the site! Whooo! My first viewer interaction is a phone call – this is a good sign.

While I have your attention, I wanted to share this:

You know male and female are just opposite sides of the same coin. These are some of the most interesting thoughts I have heard in a very long time! Life is a mirror, that’s why we see the same patterns over and over and over and over. That’s how I know you are my friends and seek to forgive. What will we do?


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