Amazon Profits, Packaging, and Success. adopted a basically no-questions-asked model to deal with complaints similar to Walmart. This works great in retail, but unfortunately isn’t as great in service industries. Its telling that instead of treating me like a real person and addressing my issues that Adam has instead outsourced the production of fake reviews for himself:

If you provide a good honest service, you don’t need fake reviews.

However, I do not plan to reveal what I was taught by, mostly because I knew most of it before anyway. All that Adam Bowser and friends did was apply basic principles to the specific example of and show some tools and forms to use. These tools are available to everyone for free anyway if you look. For now I would like to return to my initial proposed solution: share my knowledge so that the people in my community have no use for the FBA Stores product.

How to make a profit on Amazon

Its the same way to make a profit anywhere. Buy low and sell high. The cheaper you buy the better. There is a process and learning curve when starting up any venture, and selling online is no different. If you want to make large amounts of money, you need to sell a lot of products. Has any of this been surprising? Aren’t you glad you didn’t pay for this?!

At the 3-day Amazon Profits workshop at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the motif of 20% profit margins was repeated endlessly. It’s a very good margin, and they show many ways that it can be achieved. The problem is that Fulfillment by Amazon is essentially fueled by the sale of durable goods – meaning that every time you make money a physical transaction needs to occur. Because of this there are inherent limits to how big you will be able to grow your business without diversifying. Hence, Adam Bowser turns to running a scam on the good people of Hawaii. He may be profitable in the short run, but everyone will get whats coming to them one way or the other.

Packaging for Success

The number of names that Adam Bowser is using is somewhat impressive. In my short time looking I found:, Amazon Success Workshop, Amazon Profits Course, Online Auction Learning Center, Auction Riches, and a slew of older products with “Ebay” in the title instead. He’s certainly not afraid to repackage the same shit and sell it to you. And the kicker is that he really reveals his approach even though his products are all teaching something different.

Think about this: a guy who claims he has made himself from selling millions of dollars in product on Amazon is… holding a seminar. Why would he need to hold a weekend long event to teach this method? Because the seminar is more lucrative than what he is able to do to expand his Amazon business. He’s hit a limit: two warehouses. One in Boston, one in Las Vegas, neither with people who will talk to you or help you out. “Fulfillment by Adam” is entirely not worth dealing with this person.

If you really want to know how to do Fulfillment by Amazon, go to Amazon itself and just start. It’s not that hard to figure out. Find a friend or cousin on the continent and build a business with them. However, I would recommend a different approach: escape the limitations of physical goods and create a digital product.

In terms of time-invested to potential returns, e-books are about one of the most effective things you can do. This is because once it is complete it costs basically nothing to distribute, and can and will be distributed as long as there remains interest in the subject. Beyond this, we all have interests that we would like to devote more time to – why not spend the time cultivating a skill or talent and create an income stream at the same time?!

Spoiler: You will likely not see any Riches

The thing is, Adam Bowser knows this. He’s made a DVD set that supposedly sells for $2,000 that says the exact same thing as the seminar. And the Coaching. And all of his other sites. So not only has he created one product, he’s re-branded it several times so that when people find out its terrible it typically doesn’t affect him. Further, his product directs people away from the this truth as he ensnares them in his warehouse club. If you spent $35,000 learning to sell physical products, how willing would you be to learn to make digital ones?

Please help me to continue pulling down the curtain so that our friends and neighbors here in Hawaii don’t fall victim to this man’s schemes. If you have any friends calling you up talking about this exciting workshop this weekend about Amazon Profits, please direct them here. Mahalo!






2 thoughts on “Amazon Profits, Packaging, and Success.

  1. This orgaisation has been selling itself in the U.K as Amazon Wealth Systems. You are invited to a 2hr presentation telling you that for between £995 on the day or £1995 if you sign up later you can attend a 3 day training program to help you make a fortune with the help of Amazon Wealth Systems who have been
    ttweeting the system for 17 years. This seems to be very very odd considering that has only been in existence for just over 2 months according to godaddy. (As of mid September 2017)!You get told at the seminar that if it’s not for you on the day then as a gift for attending and giving them 2 hrs of your time you can have 2 free gifts i.e. The eBay Riches Blueprint and The Amazon Step by Step Starter Manual.
    When you go to the web page to download the free gifts the page does not exist and if you try to go to to find out how you can get your free gifts, guess what the site is not available right now, come back later. I personally would not trust these people! They are a training organisation who pray on people dreams of making money online. Yes! some people that use one of their many programs will make money but I think the vast majority will just be throwing their money down the pan. Beware!


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