How to deal with a Bad Vendor

In business, you will come across adversity. By definition you are trying to provide valuue in exchange for money — thins means you’re doing something difficult for someone else so that they don’t have to. The more difficult the task, the more you can expect to earn.

Ironically, the 3rd and final “coaching” session I paid for but never received was about customer service and how to get good reviews. The jokes just don’t end with these guys. Anyway, since I never had the lessons I am completely comfortable sharing my methods with you here.

I’m planning to start a business online because of my currently limited physical abilities. To do this I’ll have to establish partnerships with other people all over the world who can help me do difficult tasks to address even greater challenges.

If any one of these partners takes my money and does not deliver, would you agree that’s a bad sign? And, when you try to hold them to the agreement they a) ignore what you say, b) avoid contact by not answering or returning calls, and c ) dismiss the problem outright. To me this is completely unacceptable. People like this are not welcome in Hawaii.

To the case in point: I still think has a viable product, it’s just that they didn’t deliver on their promises. I was convinced enough by their presentation and  Our Agreement to try it out. They seemed legitimate, but were unable to demonstrate it to me. That they returned my money shows me an ounce of integrity, which actually frightens me more because it signals that they want me to forget about all this so they can come back and suck more life out of my friends and neighbors.

Did FBA Stores deliver what was promised?

What happens when you run into a vendor that doesn’t deliver on their part of the agreement? It’s important to make sure you’re asking the right question, and looking clearly at the facts of the situation. Like most great problems, the solution really depends on the context. This is why creating a paper trail is a such an important business skill – you want a tangible record of everything that transpired to hold feet to the fire.

In my experience, I’m dealing with Adam Bowser and his motley crew they pitch a partnership to start an online business. It was nice to meet some of his friends in person because you’re always doing business with People. Why not work with your friends? But what should you do when a friend says one thing but does another? How different is it when money is involved?

As soon as I handed my money over to FBA Stores, the quality of service and attention to my case vanished. At first I cut them some slack. It was Cyber Monday, so sure maybe their hands were full. By the time Tuesday afternoon rolled around, I knew I had been forgotten so I called them up. They apologized a bit and set things straight. They sent out the receipt for my payment, which conspicuously said nothing about the Bonuses that I signed up for. I left a message on the help hotline that was never returned.

No mention at all of bonuses, no response when I inquired

Eventually I get my introduction email, and the next day I get a call as prescribed. Problem is i can’t hear the guy. All he seems to want is to say hi and assign some homework anyway, so I ask him to just email it to me. Turns out its pretty much an exact replica of the introductory email. There were 4 links – 3 videos to watch and an outdated youtube channel of (possibly real?) testimony and failed webcasts.

The one video that had decent content was basically the 3-day seminar in a 1 hour video without the pitch to join the warehouse club. Still decent content, but at this point basically nothing new or of value to me. Its like they didn’t even consider I attended this seminar at all. My coach tells me that the FBAStores bonus is something totally separate, I’ll have to call their help line to figure it out.

In the meantime, we go through my empty Amazon FBA store that I’m paying for while I wait for the product I was promised. When you do this, the lesson is clearly “customized” to my situation, but absolutely not to my needs. Technically, legally, contractually, they may be right and win in an American court of law. But I really don’t want or need any friends like this.

Throughout the week I had been calling the “help hotline” which to be fair was available for me to call at any time during business hours M-F EST. Whether someone would answer, return your messages, or call you back is a completely different story. As soon as my coaching session ended, I tried calling yet again.

How the issues were resolved

At first, I cut them some slack since it was a holiday season and things were probably busy. It’s not acceptable, but understandable and forgivable. When my receipt comes in without any record of the thing that I actually want from you, and then you can’t be reached for clarification, we begin to have a problem. Having been rather underwhelmed by the actual coaching session I received, I did what I was supposed to and called in again to try fix the solution.

Having seen what the coaching session was like, I was hopeful that my pleas to the management would have somehow reached my “mentor” and have addressed some of the problems. My pleas apparently fell on deaf ears. Immediately after my second coaching session, I composed this email:


forget-fba-stores-promises returned my money in an honest admission of their intentions

And so we return to Context. I was sold an agreement in a very unique situation, but was channeled into a not-so-well oiled machine that was unable to deliver. I reviewed where I felt I had been wronged and proposed a solution. I had hoped this would get them to take a closer look at my situation and make it work for both of us. Instead, the following exchange ensued

Do you think this is the right response to the letter I sent?

If these people were in China, I would have kissed my money goodbye. If these people were in Hawaii, I would drive down to their place and pull them aside for a chat. Since has locations in Boston and Las Vegas, all I can do to re-establish good faith is to not accept this dismissive response. After all, if they are treating me like this now, why should I expect any different from them?

A clear explanation of my situation and request, even with an example.

If they would fulfill my simple request, I could start to believe what they were saying again. The response was not satisfactory:



The nature of my request was about Time. Guess you didn’t read.

I asked for a bullet point list. Ignored. I asked for an explanation of what will happen to fix my situation. Yes, I expect you to fulfill my product, that’s the bare minimum you need to do at this point. “My situation” is the fact that I don’t understand Fulfilment by Adam and I’m losing patience because I’m out 3 grand and nobody will listen or talk to me. Finally and most heinously, my request to be told when to expect things to be done is completely ignored. Even Jason said “Oh check back in a week” I would have been pissed but done it. He didn’t.

I’m just about fed up, so I give an ultimatum.

Clearly he’s not seeing how important this is to me. My faith in has now been almost entirely lost. I don’t want to have wasted all this time and energy so I give them one more opportunity before closing the curtains.

Apparently Jason thought it would be funny to troll me.

No, no, and no. I’ve had 2 of my 3 coaching sessions, which I’m extremly disatisfied with but is another issue completely. You are ABSOLUTELY NOT sending anything to my house. Again all of my requests are ignored, and invoke the contract I agreed on. Well, you probably know as well as I do that you sent me a bunk receipt without any mention of my bonuses on it. We came to an agreement phone, and I’ve got my notes here about how you failed to deliver on every single one. If that wasn’t enough I should have a great day.

A financial dispute is a last-ditch effort to get your money back.

That morning I went to the bank to dispute the charge. Its actually an incredibly easy process, but it requires that you cancel your card and be without one for a few weeks while it is getting replaced. This didn’t really work for me at the exact time, so I decided to wait a few weeks before pulling the plug. What difference would it make, right? Its a very not-fun process for everyone involved, but it’s really the only protection we have as consumers.

That afternoon I called the help hotline right before closing time to try one last thing. It was really important that nothing was shipped to my apt, so I wanted to make that clear. I requested a call from Ron, the apparent person in-charge. Again I was told I would get a call from him in the morning. Instead, I got a call from his aide saying that they would return my funds.

From my original email about this dispute. They complied easily.

At the event leading up to the 3-day seminar they said that they were here looking for testimony from people in Hawaii. This was my honest experience with Adam Bowser and his many enterprises surrounding including Amazon Success Workshop, Amazon Profits Course, Online Auction Learning Center, and Amazon Riches.

I cannot recommend them to anyone at this time, in fact my experience has been so bad that I feel compelled to warn my friends and neighbors about these people and others like them. If you have anyone calling you up asking for money to make 20% profit margins on Amazon, please refer them here.


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