Our Agreement (and how it was ignored)

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After being thoroughly convinced in the viability of the business at the 3-day seminar and somewhat disappointed I wouldn’t have the money to get started right away, I got a call from a man who introduced himself as Brig Arnold. We spend an hour and go over the 6 commitments that FBA Stores makes, and the 4 items they expect from me:

FBA Stores Commits to:

  1. Clearly identify goals and objectives
  2. Develop and implement a strategic plan
  3. Be expert enough to train you
  4. Positive results – real money
  5. Customized learning to you
  6. Cementing the habits

Another important service offered is a “coaching hotline” that you can call and “Get help with anything!” (during EST business hours, 3am-3pm HI time)

From me:

  1. Begin (agree to pay)
  2. Time – 5 Hours a Week
  3. Tuition – My package came with $500 of bonus product (that I never saw)
  4. Going the distance

Warranty: As a result of coaching, profits will exceed the cost of the program (or we will continue working with you until they do)* – this note is on a second page.

Fulfillment continues and access to products and warehousing is ongoing.

The problem is that the plan works, but the promises are empty. It seems they think that perform the tasks in word alone is enough. Technically, maybe they fulfilled one or two. Technically the operation is morally bankrupt and has demonstrated they will say anything to make a sale. Let’s explore further:

1. Clearly Identify Goals and Objectives

Looking back they were clearly identifying their goals and objectives: take my time and money, pass me off to a contracted coach for training, expect me to call a hotline for help. Ok fine, but don’t make it sound like you care about identifying MY goals and MY objectives. This is a coaching program I’m purchasing to help me right? It sure sounded like you wanted to help me.

I expected help identifying good goals and objectives, like even a simple template would have been fine. What good is a goal if it isn’t written down? What I got was a call center exists and yes you can call at any time but will someone answer the phone? Maybe. Will they return your message? Probably not.

I’m sorry Taylor, your bosses must be rubbing off on you because you sound very sincere when you say that you will try to make something happen. Whatever, I can do this on my own anyway.

2. Develop and Implement a Strategic Plan

Here’s a classic moment from my coaching session that I realized later was probably my “strategic plan”

Ryan: Ok, write this down: $1,000 = $4,000. For every $1000 you want to earn, you need to sell $4,000 in product.

Me: Um… ok. But why this amount? What is this?

Ryan: Because that’s how it you calculate how much sales you want to earn. For every $1,000 you want to earn, you need to sell $4,000 of product.

Me: So, I’m trying to aim for 25% profit margins? Is this like a rule of thumb, or a best practice you’ve found? Why this percent particularly?

Ryan: It’s just the equation, that’s how it is. So if you want to earn $2,000 you need to sell $8,000 of product…

Gee, just make 25% margins on every product sold and plan to scale linearly. Sure boss!

So they’ve heard that a plan isn’t a plan if it isn’t written down. I was literally told to write it down this formula, I’m guessing to technically justify their commitment. Haha funny!

Since when is a formula a plan? Can you walk into the bank with a formula and come out with a loan? If you show a formula to your accountant will they nod in approval? Get real.

As someone who has developed and implemented plans professionally, this is clearly a farce. You’re free to hide behind silly technicalities if you so choose, it just leaves  you so stupidly vulnerable to the truth when things like this happen.

3. Be Expert Enough to Train You

I originally thought that they had fulfilled this commitment, but have since changed my mind. It seems like the coach was given a script, and he went through it more or less as he was asked to. I found no fault in his performance there. He was running a store, had no problems answering my simple questions, and we got through the content in a flash.

It didn’t help that my store was completely empty. By the time I finished the second of the three sessions I purchased, I had still not received my “Bonus product” and I was still waiting to see what might be available for me to purchase in the warehouse. At this point there wasn’t much to say.

Where I changed my mind was in the dispute to follow. I looked to Ryan for advice, mostly to see if I was overreacting. He quickly dismissed himself from the situation and refused to offer any meaningful input other than to say “FBA Stores is Legit.” When I pressed and asked how so exactly, he got offended instead of objective. His refusal to defend the brand showed me another weakness in treating customers like cash instead of clients.

I expected advice from a professional experienced in the field. Though he performed his conscripted duties faithfully, my coach failed to provide help in the situation I was most uncomfortable in. The time that I needed it most. At the outcome has been this. Therefore I have changed my opinion on this matter.

4. Positive Results – Real Money

I spent 3 weeks completely bedridden after pushing myself beyond my limits to attend the 3-day workshop because I was so excited for it. I called my parents to beg for money to get into the club, and have drawn up debt I would otherwise have never gotten for this experience. I have lost precious health, time, and faith in humanity. I continue to lose money on this deal without ever seeing a cent of positive return. This is why I’ve made this website.

5. Customized Learning to You

This is the one they got most technically correct. First, they customize your learning plan based on how much you can spend: more money means more lessons. Fair enough. Second, the coach will actually go through your account and point things out to you. If you actually have a small store up and running, I can see how it could be really helpful to have professional take a look over and offer advice.

However, this is not my situation. My situation is I’m living in Hawaii and I want to set up fulfillment through the warehouse club you pitched through the whole 3-day seminar. My coach doesn’t know this and apparently isn’t involved. I’m supposed to call that hotline, which I did. When someone finally responded, they said “Ok we’re packing up your product to ship to your house now!”

I nearly flipped out. No, you are not sending anything to my house. Pay some attention to your clients please. It was at this point I was lividly demanding my money back, which is supposedly still on the way. Honestly I really didn’t expect that, which is why I’m hopeful they can understand why their behavior was so unacceptable. I try to think that people are inherently good on some level, but if you burn me thrice I will tell my friends.

6.  Cementing the Habits

Yeah they didn’t even try this one with me. At the lowest package, the two of three coaching sessions I experienced were drastically underwhelming and showed me very few “habits to cement.” Even worse with an empty store I have no habits to practice. The only habits I’m cementing now is my intolerance for bad vendors and how to deal with them.

The problem is that the process works. I’ve studied business models, and this one really does make sense. Its very unfortunate that a promising deal has turned out to be a simple cash-grab. But now that their game is all we need to do is remain vigilant that they don’t find a seat at the table again.

If you hear of anything related to FBAStores.com, Amazon Success Workshop, Amazon Profits Course, Online Auction Learning Center, Amazon Riches, or Adam and Chris Bowser, I highly advise you to steer clear. They might have an actually decent product in their warehouse, but I never saw it. In any case, they charge way too much and have treated me extremely poorly. Why expect anything from people who show no respect for others from the start?

My Commitment.

I started and paid my tuition. They’re supposedly giving it back, as if that makes it better. Give me back my time. Give me back my health. Give me back my trust in strangers so that I might give it to someone worthy who will actually help me. Live up to your word and deliver on your commitments. Maybe it’s too late to hope for that.

Here’s more time, I was planning to give it to you anyway. I have nothing else to do but let my truth be known. That’s what happens when you steal mana from the injured my friends.

I’m going the distance with or without them. Like I said, it’s a good business idea. If you can do it with integrity and dignity. If not, please stay out of my life.

Unfortunately I cannot say that FBAstores.com operates with respect. Don’t be fooled by the hype, don’t give them your money, or your dreams. If you ever have friends or family calling you up excited about crazy profit margins and this great business on Amazon, please refer them to this page.

Save your money, save your time. Share this whenever you see fit.







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