Seriously, don’t give them anything., Amazon Success Workshop, Amazon Profits Course, Online Auction Learning Center, Auction Riches, Adam and Chris Bowser… all a load of crap. Please save your precious time and money and avoid dealing with these jerks. 


I’m a Lahainaluna grad, and got my MBA from UHM a few years ago. About 6 months ago I became seriously ill and have been unable to work a normal job ever since. Something is seriously wrong with my stomach and back, and I’ve been more or less bedridden for most of this time. With my savings dwindling, an opportunity caught my interest.

Adam Bowser came strolling through town with his entourage and an offer that seemed too good to be true: how to make 20% profit margins on Amazon – a business run entirely online. They sold a 3-day seminar for $1,000, and more or less gave away their secrets, which are really no secret after all. The real trick however, was making the business actually entirely online – which entailed an even more expensive membership into their warehouse club. I’m sure they waltzed away that weekend with over 6 figures of our friends and neighbors cash.

I couldn’t afford to get in the club, even at the lowest levels. A few days after the event I got a call from a man named Brig Arnold, who I’m starting to suspect is entirely made up. He pitched a coaching program that would also include the membership in this warehouse club and some bonus product to get started with sales. He sounded sincere, it sounded like a good deal, everything made sense and I pulled the trigger on November 22.

Here’s where things started getting funky. I start with an orientation on Saturday who tells me that my coach will contact me on Monday via email, and probably by phone within 24-48 hours.  So I wait, it’s Cyber Monday and I’ll cut them some slack. Fine. Tuesday, nothing. Wednesday i call in and ask where my introduction is. “Oh right! Sorry we’ll fix it”

I finally talk with Ryan, my coach, and I can’t hear a thing he’s saying. It’s like he’s using cheap voice over IP software and he’s talking through a snorkel. Anyway there’s some mumbling about homework, so I ask him to email it to me. We schedule our first session on Friday and he sends a slightly organic copy of the email originally sent introducing him. 

I won’t go into anything I learned from the coaching session because they said that they will return my money, but I’ll believe it when I see it in my account. Suffice to say the coaching was a glorified “setup” of your account – nothing you can’t figure out on your own. There were a few unique tips, but definitely not worth the price of admission. That was expected anyway, the real point of interest was the  membership to their fulfillment service and products.

And that’s the part that never happened. Through some torrent of inadequacy and impatience, negotiations fell apart and to this day I’m not sure if they have a legitimate warehouse operation. They must have something or the people who paid $35k for this BS would be hounding them down with the FBI. In my case they showed no respect for me or my time. I’m not going to do business with anyone like that, and neither should you.

It’s too bad, because they have what sounds like a very good product. If they kept my money I would have called it as a loss and washed my hands of the deal and watched to see what happened. Maybe whoever’s running their “Help” line would have eventually actually helped (or answered at that). But since they said they’ll give it back it tells me they’re really planning to come here again, probably even doubling down of their efforts. I can’t let this happen again.  

These people are right though – they have valuable knowledge and what you can do with it is only limited by your drive. However, to prey on the hopeful and not fulfill your commitments is unacceptable. I believe the solution is to share what I know so that people are not confused or blinded by unscrupulous businessmen and their empty promises.

I created to expose their “secrets” and to deter these people from coming back to our community. Please keep this in mind if you ever have friends calling you up excited about a deal like this.

Why I was excited about this deal

Like many of us here in Hawaii, I’ve been looking for a solution. A way to make ends meet and stay in this beautiful place we call home. I see a lot of people working so hard that it’s difficult to stop and appreciate the beauty of life, much less our surroundings. I was one too. “When’s the last time you went to the beach?” A friend from the continent asks. “Oh… yeah, it’s been a while.”

So here’s an opportunity that’s (1) profitable, (2) scalable, and (3) outsourceable. The majority of the 3 day seminar was spent showing us how to determine if something was profitable, which you do by taking the selling price and subtracting the cost. Open Amazon, open Alibaba, compare and calculate shipping. Oops, revealed a “secret.”

The “Sauce” is a friend on a continent who runs a warehouse and deals with the logistics. That’s basically all these guys have. They offer to reduce our shipping costs and make it seem like the best thing since sliced bread. If you see their ads, or have any friends who start talking about Amazon Profits or 20% margins, please refer them here. Better to make your own friends, give money and work to your own family instead of these fools. 

Shipping to Hawaii makes no sense, but doing product research and overseas negotiations is pretty good work that people born and raised in Hawaii are well positioned to do. Time zone aside, by necessity we are required to adapt to other cultures from the very upbringing. By habit we are gracious and caring when moved by the aloha spirit.

Its because of this that we can be gullible, and can be prone to losing our shirts. But the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. What loss is a shirt to a spirit unwavering? I was really interested in what Adam had to say, so I dropped $1,000 and a weekend of my time. It was more a less a pitch to join their warehouse club, which I did, and it was very not good. Mystery solved. Seems like a good model though, why not give it a try?

Unfortunately the weekend exasperated my back issues and has led to me being in bed for 3 weeks, even now. I was in bed all through Thanksgiving with nothing to do but wait for these people to fulfill their promises, which they never did. Mom did try to warn me: she got in with a similar group right before the financial crisis that ran off with a year’s worth of college tuition.

At least I got my money back, but it had to get plenty nasty first. I would suggest avoiding the experience if possible, and I’m doing everything in my power to let everyone here know to avoid my mistake.

But I am grateful. They did show me a missing piece of my puzzle. The solution is to share our knowledge so that everyone can grow their businesses without having to put their hard earned savings and financial dreams in the hands of strangers passing through town.

Mahalo and malama pono,



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